Minority Viewpoint

My experience, as a person of color, with the American Justice System

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Through this remarkable true account story I have tried to bring up and discuss a number of issues focusing on “Justice in America – is it truly for everyone?”

  • Why would a hotel worker include fabricated and unsubstantiated statements in a report to the police about a guest of color? Is this racially motivated?
  • Why would a hotel owner laugh about a sincere complaint made by a guest of color after promising that he would follow up on the complaint? Could this be racially motivated?
  • Is it okay for a hotel worker to add unproven and untrue, defamatory statements about a guest of color to the police so they would investigate the guest for a possible serious crime?
  • Why would a renowned hotel support such egregious behavior by one of its employees against a guest of color?
  • What does a client do when he detects several errors and omissions on the part of his lawyer?
  • Why is an honest evaluation of a lawyer’s performance not welcomed by the legal community?
  • Why would a law firm not expect the utmost professionalism and competence from their highly paid lawyers?
  • Does the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board truly care about the impact of a lawyer’s actions or inactions on the clients?
  • Why is it okay for a police officer to allegedly associate a specific named person of color with a horrible crime (with no truth to it whatsoever) and use it as a so called “scare tactic”?
  • Is it okay for a police officer to allegedly use a name simply because it is not a common name? Is that not racially motivated?


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