Oct 15, 2014

Today as I was driving by my old elementary school I thought I would share this excerpt from my book:

“I can see it any time I look out my back window, but it usually doesn’t bother me much. Besides, it looks so small now and so different and so changed after all these years. On a typical weekday afternoon, I can hear the euphoric sounds of laughter and excitement coming from the direction of its playground. And when I am returning to my house a certain way, I can see the big red banner across the front of it with the words “Respect and Responsibility” printed in capital letters – a positive expression of values and morality that fills me with mixed emotions. For it is the elementary school I attended as a child, from Kindergarten through the sixth grade, in a time when ‘respect and responsibility’ weren’t emphasized nearly enough.

If I could summarize the most negative aspect of my life while growing up with just one word, it would certainly be ‘school’. It’s as sad as it is true, but school really was like a prison for me; perhaps at first for irrational reasons but soon for some terribly rational ones. Harassment in schools, having finally come to light through an epidemic of fatal violence, was a very little known or cared about issue back when I was a kid. Regardless the impact that it had in my case, even all these many years later, continues to live on within me everyday of my life. This is so because tragically, being bullied helped to trigger the onset of my illness and determine to quite a shocking extent the manner in which it played out.”

Oct 03, 2014

Between October 5 and Oct 8, I will have the opportunity of speaking in Winfield, KS, at three different elementary schools and to a group of community members. It’s very encouraging to see that many school districts are trying to focus on bullying prevention at elementary levels. It’s also very encouraging to see that this school district in Winfield is setting up one presentation for community members. This is very important because, as I always say in all my presentations, bullying prevention needs to be a team effort. It is not the responsibility of only one group of people – everyone needs to get involved to make it effective.

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