Apr 16, 2015

Here are a few more reasons as to what motivated me to write my second book “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse”. I believe my book provides information to the readers about the following:

  • What can a person do when he/she is not a close biological relative, but detects a situation where children are in possible danger
  • How can one get other adults involved who might be able to help in these situations? Working in a team involving whoever might be able to help can be very useful
  • What options do you have when you suspect that some sentencing guidelines are being violated
  • What are Rape and Sexual Abuse Centers, and how can they be helpful
  • What is the role of Child Protection Services and how can they help
  • Understanding of how the legal system works in situations like this
  • What to do when you receive conflicting information from the various different sources, how to think in a creative and constructive manner in difficult situations
  • How to keep a watch out for troubling behavior by young children
  • What children should be taught about in case they suspect sexual abuse – children should know what to do
  • How to inspire children who are being molested to disclose their abuse to trustworthy adults and giving them insightful ideas about where they can go for such help
  • Possible signs (i.e., red flags) that a child might have been sexually molested
  • Risks that are unique to single mothers
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