Apr 20, 2023

The title for one of my presentations is: “Ethical and legal issues associated with a negative workplace culture”. This presentation is based on my recently published book titled “How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer”. This presentation is especially suitable for an audience of company owners, managers, supervisors, and their employees because the true account story describes a negative office culture in a workplace and the resulting legal ramifications.

This presentation includes discussions on many different issues that could be useful and appropriate for this audience:

  • Inappropriate handling of workplace bullying and harassment issues
  • Inadequate response to reports of workplace bullying and harassment
  • Undeserved consequences for doing the right things at work
  • Inappropriate handling of various forms of discrimination in the workplace
  • Involvement of the Department of Human Rights
  • Unjust termination for whistleblowing
  • Involvement of labor union, if applicable
  • Fighting back through the legal system

This presentation will be useful for employees and employers in all organizations where the goal is to maintain a harmonious workplace environment.

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