Apr 24, 2020

Even though schools are all closed at this time, children can still be subjected to cyber bullying. That too can have significant negative impact on mental health. The bottom line is that bullying has its impact, no matter how it is done.

At this difficult time, many children end up spending a lot of time on devices such as iphones or ipads for longer periods of time; and that can often expose them to cyber bullying. Bullies too have a lot of time on their hands to find victims to prey upon.

Whether it is done face-to-face or via on-line, the main purpose of bullying is still the same. The bully tries his/her best to establish control over the victim and engages in activities that typically end up impacting the self-esteem of the victim. And any significant ongoing impact of this nature will eventually have a negative impact on the victim’s mental health.

I firmly believe that it is extremely important for parents to try and maintain an open communications line with their children, so the children can feel free to share any negative experiences they might have had on-line. This can go a long way in avoiding major negative impact on the children’s mental health.


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