Aug 04, 2017

On Thursday August 3, I had my first presentation on workplace bullying and harassment based on my latest book titled “How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer”. I made this presentation to a group of school bus drivers who work for a transportation company in La Mesa, CA.

The presentation was very well received and there was some excellent questions and/or comments during the discussion period. Once again, it became clear to me that it is a very relevant topic in our country today.

Here are a few comments I made about recommendations for employees in general:

  • Read your employee handbook thoroughly
  • Talk to HR about processes and procedures – about issues such as performance evaluation, harassment reporting, etc
  • Thorough review and understanding of union’s rules, regulations and processes
  • Learn about your state’s process for evaluating human rights violations
  • Be mindful of what topics should be discussed at the workplace
  • Follow union and HR processes if there is harassment
  • Document everything about incidents, witnesses, HR response, etc. Keep in mind that most eyewitnesses will not come forward
  • Do not tell anyone if you are considering taking legal action
  • Be careful of emails, text messages, etc sent in connection with the situation
  • Be prepared for a long battle – everything seems to take a lot of time
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