Aug 06, 2020

It is important for school officials to keep in mind that victims of sustained childhood bullying can often end up with obsessive compulsive disorder or some other mental health issues later in life.

The symptoms may or may not show up during their school years. That is why it is so important to make sure no children are having to deal with bullying from others. It may seem like some harmless fun, but it is never that for the victims of bullying. Each and every instance of bullying impacts the mental health of the victim and as it continues on a sustained basis, the mental health status of the victim deteriorates on a daily basis.

When the bullying eventually stops, some of the children are lucky enough to be able to recover by themselves and get their mental health status somewhat back to normal. But for many others, it only deteriorates further. For these unfortunate individuals, the bullying gets transformed into a mental health disorder that might haunt them for many years to come and might even change their lives forever.

Most school staff do not have the opportunity of continued connection with all their students after they graduate. Once the students leave school they are generally out of the minds of the school staff. But it is important to know that many of them suffer for years to come because of what happened to them when they were in school. That is why it is critical that there is genuine focus on bullying prevention and appropriate therapy is provided to any and all victims of bullying so they do not have to deal with a difficult future because of the bullying they suffered.

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