Aug 11, 2016

We constantly deal with the question of ‘how do we fight against bullying”. There are some who strongly believe that the only way to fight against bullying is to stand up against the bully and get into a physical altercation if necessary. That might work for some victims of bullying, but that does not always work for everyone.

I have met some people who have said that fighting back against the bully (including physical fights) has helped them. On the other hand, I have also heard from some people who have said that it actually made things worse. And of course there is a large number of children who grow up with the belief that you do not get into physical altercations to resolve issues and who do not like fighting.

Overall, the bottom line is that there must be a process to address this issue without leaving it up to the victims to fight it out. Even as adults, we are encouraged to find other ways to handle a “harassment” issue rather than getting into a physical fight. That is why it is so important for schools to develop and maintain a safe environment for all children. All children should be able to feel safe in the school at all times, and know that if they do face any bullying, someone from the school staff will have their back and will make sure it does not happen again.


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