Aug 31, 2017

I am looking forward to speaking at the MACMHP (Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs) conference on September 13 about PTSD from bullying triggering devastating mental health disorders. In general, more people should know about how bullying can impact a victim’s life for many years beyond the school years.

The following is from the MACMHP website:

As the leading professional association for community-based mental health providers, the Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs (MACMHP) exists to ensure this essential safety net remains strong, vibrant and engaged. We do this by: 

  • Serving as a proactive, unified voice of community mental health providers to drive public policy and advocate before the Minnesota legislature, the Governor and administrative departments.  
  • Providing resources, training and networking to help community mental health organizations and their providers and staff thrive.
  • Strengthening community mental health services through membership in the National Council for Behavioral Health.”


I am also excited about who the attendees would be at this conference. According to their website, this Annual Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs (MACMHP) Conference draws over 400 attendees from government, academia, health care systems, and community care organizations as well as executives, finance directors and clinical directors from the State’s community mental health programs. I am looking forward to delivering my message to this well rounded group of mental health professionals and other supporting organizations.

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