Dec 02, 2014

As I speak at conferences it becomes clear to me that more and more of the counselors, social workers and school psychologists are certainly becoming aware of the long-term impact of bullying – but they all seem to agree that schools in general are still not doing enough to prevent bullying.

When it comes to doing something significant about preventing bullying, schools in general don’t seem to be able to place a high level of priority on this issue. I continue to hope that as more and more staff members express their views to school administrators, things will change for the better. I was told by one social worker (in one of states I traveled to this fall) that the administrator she reported to was initially against the idea of inviting me for the presentation. However, the social worker was eventually able to convince the administrator to get this approved. She later told me that her administrator did attend my presentation and was absolutely convinced of the need and usefulness of these discussions. I hope that I will have more opportunities in the future to be able to speak to groups of school administrators.

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