Dec 03, 2015

Today, Dec 3, I speak at a training event organized by Education Service Center Region 13, in Austin, Texas. The following information is from their website This Education Service Center is one of twenty service centers that serve Texas’ educational needs. They are a non-regulatory agency; their relationship with school districts is collaborative and supportive. Their purpose is to aid teachers and administrators in their role as educators of children. They serve as a liaison between the Texas Education Agency and the local school districts and the schools they serve by disseminating information, conducting training and consultation for both federal and state programs.

As an Education Service Center, they collaborate with their schools and communities to promote quality instruction in order to maximize student performance. Their goal is to achieve a high standard of excellence through leadership, responsiveness to client (district or school) needs, and quality products that improve student performance.

This specific training event is focused on Overcoming Obstacles to College and Career Readiness. The topic of my presentation is “Gaining Control of Your Life by Battling Adversities”. I am really looking forward to the presentation and the discussions. The focus is on how I battled adversities such as Bullying and OCD to achieve control of my life.

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