Dec 19, 2019

Keeping children safe is one of the primary responsibilities of the adults around them. And that must include keeping them safe from any possible risks of sexual abuse.

There are various situations that can pose threats to children in terms of possible sexual abuse. But there are many adults who do not feel comfortable in keeping an eye open for possible threats of this nature. Probably because many adults think of most people as good people who would not want to harm the children. But there are many instances where unsuspected adults have been responsible for sexual abuse of children. That is why I continue to make the point that parents and caregivers must make sure that the people the children spend time with can truly be trusted.

It is understandable that it is difficult to think of one’s boyfriend, or girlfriend, or a family member or a close family friend as a possible threat to one’s children. But one must keep in mind that even one episode of sexual abuse could scar a child for the rest of his or her life. If we can keep that in mind, then it can be a bit easier to keep a constant eye open for red flags. Keeping close track of what the children are doing with some of these adults and talking to the children often about their interactions with these adults are some actions one can take to keep an eye open for red flags.


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