Dec 23, 2021

There is still a lot of bullying and harassment in workplaces around the country, and this can be extremely harmful. I believe that the only way we can get rid of this mistreatment by employers is for employees to fight back in a non-violent manner. And that is why I wrote my book titled “How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer”.

Employers use these bullying tactics to control their employees because they believe that is the only way to get employees motivated. That may be true in a very few situations, but in overwhelming majority of cases employees do not get motivated simply because someone is yelling at them. That will only cause stress and anxiety for the employees and productivity will typically go down.

In fact employers who truly understand how to motivate employees do not need to utilize bullying and harassing methods. They understand that most employees want to do a good job. The most important things for employees are job satisfaction and a positive and rewarding work environment. Most employees are dedicated workers and feel good about an honest day’s work.

The reason I believe employees should fight back against bullying and harassment in the workplace is because that is likely the only way these employers can learn that it is important to keep employees motivated through positive tactics for overall success of the company. The employers have to learn that no employees like to be bullied and harassed, and that to keep good employees around positive methods have to be employed.

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