Dec 24, 2020

In my new book titled “Minority Viewpoint – my experience, as a person of color, with the American Justice system” I have described in detail why it became necessary for me to file a defamation lawsuit and what the whole process turned out to be like.

As the title of my book states, my intent has all along been to describe my experience with the American Justice System in general, not just with any specific lawyers or organizations or judges or police officers. I have described my experiences (along with my comments and opinions) about my interactions with and observations of some specific police officers, lawyers, law firms, judges, and the Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (LPRB), simply because those were the individuals and organizations that were involved with my situation. However, I am most concerned about that the issues and situations I describe specifically about my interactions with the legal community.

I believe that what I experienced with the legal community is something that likely happens every day all over this country. That is why it is not surprising why the general public often express negative opinions about lawyers and law firms. Why is it that the legal community of lawyers, law firms and boards are okay with this negative image of lawyers? Why are they okay with being known as one of the most untrustworthy professions in the country? Specifically, why are the “professional responsibility” boards across the country okay with this image of the profession?

I believe the legal community can learn a lot from this book and can try to improve their image for their clients and the general public.

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