Feb 06, 2020

Owners and managers who bully and harass their employees at work, have convinced themselves that there is no other way to get their employees to work their hardest. They need to understand that there are better ways to motivate employees for optimum performance.

In the true story I describe in my book titled “How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer”, it appeared to me that my supervisor simply did not seem to know of any other way of supervising. I felt that she was yelling at me whenever she was trying to talk to me about anything. Whenever she talked to me I felt that I was doing something wrong even when I knew for sure that I was not doing anything wrong. For some reasons she had accepted this notion that in order to supervise employees, she needed to yell almost all the time.

Organizations need to provide appropriate training to these managers and supervisors so they can maintain a positive and rewarding environment. And if, after appropriate training, some managers and supervisors are not able to change their approach, then they need to be removed from supervisory positions and placed in other non-supervisory positions. These are the two steps many organizations are not able to take. They often don’t provide appropriate training, or they do not try to find appropriate non-supervisory positions for the people who are not able to change their harassing and yelling approach even after receiving proper training. It is important for all organizations to keep in mind that maintaining a bully-free atmosphere is a key to overall success.


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