Feb 12, 2015

Looking forward to speaking at a school in Mankato this Friday Feb 13. The name of the school is Kato Public Charter School. Attendees will include students between grades 6 through 12. I am excited about another set of lively discussions on this presentation on the topic of my first book about impact of bullying on mental health.

Now that I have spoken to numerous students over the years since October 2011, I am happy to say that most students enjoy hearing my story, and therefore, they likely take something useful away from my story. I continue to receive a lot of positive and interesting feedback from students of all ages. However, I must say that one part of the story that they seem to enjoy the most is the part about confrontation with my worst bully from the past. They enjoy it somewhat because of the mystery involved in tracking down a bully from the past and having a face-to-face discussion about negative incidents, but I believe they enjoy it most because it does provide a lot of insight into why bullies do what they do.


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