Feb 19, 2015

On Thursday Feb 19, I will be speaking at the IAASE (Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education) conference in Springfield, IL. IAASE is a non-profit special education administrator organization that promotes educational opportunities for all students with an emphasis on students with disabilities. IAASE action oriented administrative focus leads the special education field in the areas of policy development, finance, and legislation at the local, state, and national level. As a premier organization, IAASE promotes visionary leadership through active member participation, progressive professional development, and dynamic networking on behalf of students with disabilities and their families. Please feel free to visit their website at iaase.org

I will have two sessions on Thursday. The first session is titled “Impact of bullying on mental health” and is based on my first book. The second session is titled “Prevention of child sexual abuse – whose responsibility is it?”, and is based on my second book. This will be my first opportunity to speak to a group of school administrators.

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