Feb 20, 2020

Each and every child deserves full protection against sexual abuse. All adults, and specifically, family members and family friends must be willing to work together to keep the children safe from any possible risks of sexual abuse.

The true account story I describe in my book “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse” emphasizes the fact that all adults around the children are responsible for the children’s safety. In that story I was a family friend and I detected a significant risk to the children and therefore I decided to do my best to keep them protected. There were many frustrations and difficulties and roadblocks along the way. Many of my friends had tried to convince me that I should give up. But I didn’t, and that is the message I try to communicate to everyone – we simply cannot give up when it is about protecting children from possible risks of sexual abuse.

Interestingly, the person who worked diligently with me in this effort was also a family friend and a neighbor of the family. She too worked very hard with me all the way to make sure the children were protected. Like me, she also did not have any other motive other than finding a way to make sure the children were safe. She too faced difficulties and roadblocks, but we both decided to continue our efforts because it was critical to protect the children.

This is why I continue to promote the message that keeping the children safe is everyone’s responsibility.


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