Jan 16, 2020

There is no room for bullying and harassment in the workplace. Whether it’s a small company or a large corporation, every worker must be given the opportunity to work in a safe, positive, bully-free environment.

It really does not matter whether it’s a very small company with only a couple of employees, or it’s a large corporation with thousands of employees, it is important that all employees are treated with respect. Some employers and managers believe that the employees are getting paid for being there, and therefore, they must not complain no matter how they are treated. Well, the employees get paid for the work they do and the service they provide, and not for putting up with any form of bullying and harassment.

Most employees want to do a good job at their workplace. At the end of their workday, most employees like to feel satisfied that they have put in a good day’s work. They don’t need to go home having to deal with the after-effect of harassment at their workplace. If their performance is not acceptable, then that can be handled in a professional manner. All employees typically understand that there are job expectations that they must live up to and they are all aware that they will receive feedback and guidance about their job performance. But none of that has to be done in a harassing manner.

There is no reason why treatment at the workplace becomes the cause for a mental health disorder for an employee. It can be avoided and it must be avoided.


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