Jan 19, 2017

Just received confirmation that I will be speaking at the Washington School Counselors Association conference in Seattle, WA, on March 2, 2017. The topic of my presentation will be based on my second book “Father Figure – My Mission to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse”. This is yet another example of a school counselors association finding this topic to be important and appropriate for its members. This is an exciting development since, as I have mentioned earlier, school professionals such as school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, can have a significant role in prevention of child sexual abuse.

My approach has always been to write about real life events and then talk about the stories. When I speak to groups of people I make sure to explain it very carefully that although I would be talking about a story, there is a very critical purpose in presenting and discussing the story. Talking about a story is often one of best ways to discuss the underlying issues and how we can possibly do something about them. In my speaking process I try to make it clear what I am trying to address as I speak about the story. Then once the story has been presented, I discuss the learning points and go on to the next stage of discussing issues such as what else could have been done that was not done in the story and what we can do as a group to improve our actions to make things better for the future. The story is simply a vehicle to get to the key issues that we need to focus on. So far I have found my approach to be effective as members of audiences often linger on for hours for continued discussions.


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