Jan 31, 2019

One of the points I try to make during all my presentations is that every adult has the responsibility to do something to protect a child from possible sexual abuse, if a red flag is detected. Of course, the family members and close friends have the main responsibility, but even ordinary citizens need to keep their ears and eyes open for possible warning signs.

Many adults seem to have the tendency to ignore red flags – they feel like they can’t worry about every little thing. They also feel that if they are getting concerned about every possible red flag, then they are being too paranoid. Well, the point I am trying to make is that there is nothing like being too paranoid when it comes to protection of children against possible sexual abuse. We always need to keep in mind that even one episode of sexual abuse can cause significant damage for the victim.

My request is for every adult to have a sense of urgency about this matter. If we see a possible red flag and if we follow through and check it out with the assistance of other systems/family members, there is no harm done. If it turns out that there was nothing to worry, then that is fine – it will still be a job well done. As I mentioned in my book “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse”, I went the extra mile to make sure two young girls were protected. It took a lot of patience and perseverance, but I feel it was all worth it. I hope others will do the same if they come across any possible red flags.


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