Jul 05. 2019

Regarding prevention of child sexual abuse, one of the most important things that caregivers must remember is that the abuser can be anyone who has anything to do with the children, and they can even be family members, close relatives or friends.

This is probably one of the most difficult things for parents and caregivers to keep in mind. Parents typically trust people like other family members, close relatives and friends and tend to believe that these people will never harm any of the children. In addition children too automatically trust these people since they know that they are trusted by their parents and caregivers. But there are many instances where some of these people unfortunately end up abusing the children. And one of the reasons is that these folks do not need to work very hard to develop trusting relationships with the children.

Children also develop a trusting relationships with people like coaches, tutors, youth activities leaders, etc. Often these are people who are typically trusted by the parents and that makes it easier for the children to trust them as well. The important thing to remember for the parents and the caregivers is that the children are not always able to keep an eye out for red flags. That is why, even with trusted adults, it is important for parents and caregivers to keep an eye out for red flags.


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