Jul 07, 2022

One main reason for me to write the book about bullying and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is to reach out to many individuals across the world who are suffering from the same mental health disorder (OCD) and let them know that I have successfully battled against this disease and they can too.

Here is another excerpt from my book “A Life Interrupted – the story of my battle with bullying and obsessive compulsive disorder”, a note for OCD sufferers:

This is why I especially wanted to reach out to my fellow OCDers who are struggling hard with their illness today. I want to tell you that I truly know how you are feeling and understand what you are living with on a day-to-day basis. If there was any way that I could get you to the better place where I am finally at today, please believe me that it would already be done. In spite of your ongoing hardships, I hope that my story can still provide you with hope and inspiration for your own progress in the near future. No matter how bad things may be for you right at this moment, I pray that you will never give up on yourself and your ability to someday, somehow get better. Regardless of how long you have been at the mercy of this crippling illness, please believe me when I say THERE CAN STILL BE LIFE AFTER OCD… and that your future can indeed be wonderful enough to see you through your hardships today. As long as a person remains alive, so, too, does the chance for change.

Last but not least, my dear friend, from one true OCDer to another: please think about my story in your darkest of moments and never give up on yourself.”

© 2017 - Sumi Mukherjee
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