Jul 23, 2020

Adults around children must always put in whatever extra effort necessary to keep children safe from possible risks of child sexual abuse.

Prevention is always a difficult thing because one typically doesn’t see the immediate results of one’s preventive actions. People sometimes get tired of continuously focusing on preventive actions. Once in a while they feel like they are worrying about it too much and they should just relax a bit. That is exactly what we must not do, because you simply cannot and should not take a break when protecting against a serious thing, such as child sexual abuse.

Let’s take the example of what we are all focusing on these days to protect ourselves against a dangerous virus. We are washing hands often, staying at least 6 feet apart and wearing a mask, and staying home as much as possible. We sometimes get tired of taking these measures but we cannot really take a break from these because you never know where the virus is coming from, and as far as possible you really do not want to get infected by this virus.

Protecting children against child sexual abuse takes somewhat similar efforts – a continuous focus on preventive measures at all times. It is especially important since children can’t always protect themselves. Also, we know that a vaccine will probably be available soon to protect us against the virus, and then we can all relax a bit more about the preventive measures. But unfortunately, there is no vaccination available for protection of children from child sexual abuse. That is why we have to continue the hard work.

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