Jun 01, 2017

You know, whenever I have posted on my facebook page about my new book on how to combat workplace bullying, I am moved by the countless heartfelt responses of many who have endured or are still enduring this abuse on a daily basis.

I am however taken aback by other comments I receive sometimes from folks who in their remarks portray a total lack of compassion, maturity or understanding on this subject matter. Frequent comments of this nature often consist of statements like this: “you guys seem like a bunch of crying pussies; if you don’t like your job just quit and stop complaining!”

My reply to such feedback would be to simply state that if such a person were to read my book, he/she would quickly learn that it is all about how NOT to be weak or passive. It is NOT about crying or complaining needlessly. Rather, I explain precisely how one CAN and SHOULD assert oneself in a powerful, effective and legally appropriate manner.

As for the remarks about ‘just quitting one’s job”, why should a great employee have to concede and give up their hard earned employment and benefits when their superiors are subjecting them to daily abuse and illegal practices? Just quit your job and give up?? Well, if you don’t like your job anyway, then it makes sense to just leave this job and find another better opportunity. But if you like your job that gives you the satisfaction you need and deserve, then quitting is not the answer. I’m certainly glad I didn’t!! I stayed, I fought back effectively and even after being wrongfully terminated and enduring hardships, I took significant legal action and in the end I DID PREVAIL.

And so, too, can you. This is a true story of self-empowerment against such oppressors, which anyone can benefit from reading.


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