Jun 06, 2019

It is important to remember that prevention of child sexual abuse is an ongoing effort until the children become adults and are able to take care of themselves. Adults around children, especially family members, caregivers and friends, have a key role.

Whenever I speak about prevention of child sexual abuse based on my second book, I try to emphasize on the following:

  • We must always try to get involved and prevent possible sexual abuse, even if it seems personally difficult and inconvenient to do so (what every ordinary citizen can and should do to protect vulnerable children in the community)
  • Always keep an eye open for troubling behavior by young children
  • Risks unique to single mothers
  • What kinds of things can contribute to child sexual abuse
  • Background checks on individuals who might be in close contact with the children, and how to do background checks
  • What different facilities are available to public for informational purposes
  • Taking the difficult step of informing parents (and other biological relatives) of critical information at the risk of losing friendships
  • What can a person do when he/she is not a close biological relative, but detects a situation where children are in possible danger
  • How can one get other adults involved who might be able to help in these situations? Working in a team involving whoever might be able to help can be very useful
  • What options do you have when you suspect that some sentencing guidelines are being violated
  • What is the role of Child Protection Services and how can they help
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