Jun 16, 2022

Over the last few years I have had many opportunities to speak about prevention of child sexual abuse at conferences around the country. These presentations of course have been based on my book titled “Father figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse”. I am always excited about the opportunity to speak on this topic especially to school psychologists, school counselors, school social workers as well as to all caregivers who look after children. All professionals in these categories often have close contact with children, some of whom might be going through or facing abusive situations.

My book and presentation is all about intervention and prevention. All attendees will be exposed to the true account story in my book that focuses on the risks children might face and how one can intervene to prevent possible abusive situations. I typically focus on the following objectives:

Participants will learn how to become more effective in intervening and preventing situations that could lead to child sexual abuse, through multidisciplinary coordination.

Participants will develop a clear understanding of the kinds of changes needed in our systems to become more effective in “preventing” a possibly abusive scenario.

Attendees will also learn how to detect situations where immediate intervention is necessary and appropriate and what the associated legal issues might be.

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