June 04, 2015

The approach I have used in my book (Father Figure – My Mission to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse) is to look at the process of intervention and prevention as seen through the eyes of an ordinary citizen. It clearly focuses on this important question: “are we truly dedicated in our efforts to prevent child sexual abuse”?

Additionally, it also addresses the following questions:

How can we be proactive in identifying situations where intervention is necessary and appropriate and act accordingly to prevent a possible abuse?

How can we make sure that our child protective services and our law enforcement services are adequately equipped to address this critical need?

Are these systems appropriately interconnected (as needed) with the correction systems regarding a previously convicted offender?

Do our service providers truly understand the impact of child sexual abuse and are they properly trained to detect and intervene to prevent abuse?

Looking through the eyes of an ordinary citizen, this book brings forward the inconsistencies associated with our systems that must be addressed adequately so we can be more effective in intervention and prevention. This unique perspective provides an insight that would be extremely helpful for advocates and service providers since it’s not often that an ordinary citizen intervenes to prevent the possibility of a child sexual abuse.


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