June 09, 2016

I felt honored to have been able to speak at the Missouri Psychological Association conference in Columbia, MO, on Friday June 3. My topic was “long term psychological impact of bullying”. This was based on my book titled “A Life Interrupted – the story of my battle with bullying and obsessive compulsive disorder”, which focuses on devastating long lasting impact of bullying.

After listening to my speeches many mental health professionals around the country have commented to me positively about the thought-provoking observations and messages that I discuss in my presentations. They particularly appreciate the discussions on how the impact of bullying triggered the disease and how it manifested itself within the disease to torment the victim. They also appreciate my comments about the positive impact of a balanced combination of medication and therapy that is essential to achieve recovery from obsessive compulsive disorder.

I find it highly encouraging that mental health professionals find my presentations useful and informative. This is what motivates me to continue my presentations around the country.

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