June 23, 2016

When we talk about a safe environment in schools we typically talk about creating and maintaining an atmosphere in schools where ALL children can feel free to be themselves and learn most effectively at their own pace. The most effective way school administration and staff can achieve this goal is by eradicating bullying that impacts millions of children negatively around the country. And this impact is often a daily reminder for the victims of bullying that their school environment is certainly not a safe place where you can look forward to growing and learning without any threats from anyone.

It is well known that a strong emotional health and a positive self-image are some of the key ingredients for academic success. It is not at all a difficult concept – if a child is concerned about having to deal with bullying on a regular basis, it is simply not possible for the child to focus on the academic aspects of school life.

Many schools do have programs in place that discourage bullying, and that is certainly a good thing. Many of the programs also focus on prevention, but very few truly focus on the root of the problem. That is why training for school administrators, educators and support staff must include understanding of the root of the problem at a very early stage. The school staff needs to understand that their enormous efforts in trying to educate children is wasted when a significant number of students, who could otherwise do well in academics, end up with devastating long term impacts because of bullying.


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