Mar 10, 2016

I felt honored to have had the opportunity to speak at one of the national meetings of the DeMolay organization hosted by DeMolay Minnesota. As per their website: DeMolay is the premier youth leadership fraternity for young men ages 12 to 21. The young men in DeMolay learn important skills such as public speaking, event planning, fundraising and professional meeting organization. They are provided the opportunity to plan and run their own activities in an environment where success is celebrated and failure is a learning experience. Along with the skills DeMolay teaches, there is a very powerful element of friendship and brotherhood among our members. Members of DeMolay are not merely friends during their time in DeMolay, they become life-long friends.

I was requested to speak on the topic of “long term impact of bullying” based on my first book. The presentation went really well, with a lot of interactions and useful discussions. Afterwards, I was delighted to receive the following comments from The Executive Director of DeMolay Minnesota after my presentation on Friday March 4: “Phenomenal is the only way to describe your presentation, your story and manner in presentation held everyone’s attention and conveyed the message that I was hoping for. If you need any references for future engagements please don’t hesitate to use our name, or have them contact me, and if I see opportunities for you I will certainly pass on the information”. Comments like this keep me going.

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