Mar 23, 2023

One of the key aspects of OCD is that the victims often suffer for years by themselves because of the bizarre nature of the disease. They don’t feel comfortable sharing this with others because they are concerned about what others would think. In my case, I suffered for 5 years by myself before sharing this with my parents. I later came to know that there are many patients who had gone on for many more years before opening up about the disease. That is why I wanted to make sure that my book makes it clear to OCD sufferers that it is okay to share this with others so appropriate treatment can begin. That is why I like the following comments made by some of the psychologists who reviewed my book:

An uncensored description of what it is actually like to live with shocking, unwanted obsessions”.

 “The author is genuine in his description of his OCD symptoms and his successes and challenges along the way. While the descriptions of the OCD thoughts are graphic, they are not uncommon and many people will be able to relate to this book”.

“Descending into the hell of OCD — nightmarish intrusive thoughts and agonizing, exhausting behaviors he felt he had to perform to prevent harm to people he loved”.

“It shows the isolation that so many people with OCD have experienced, hiding their secret thoughts and rituals for years from their involved and caring parents, suffering needlessly, thinking they must surely be crazy and bad beyond redemption, until finally finding the right diagnosis and the right treatment”.

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