May 22, 2020

Pandemic or not, sexual predators are still out there trying to find their next victims. We all need to be careful and continue to keep a close eye on possible red flags.

This is a difficult time for everyone. Most children are stuck at home, with their family members, with closed schools and closed playgrounds. This can be stressful for everyone, adults as well as children. In spite of having to deal with this stressful time, the adults must keep in mind that sexual predators are still out there and we must continue to make sure that the children are not at risk.

Since the children are mostly stuck at home, the danger from outside is certainly minimized because the children are not spending a lot of time with outsiders. However, the dangers indoors can also be significant. First of all, children are likely to spend a lot more time online, exposing themselves to online predators. With the parents being extremely busy and stressed, it might be difficult to monitor everything the children are doing online.

Secondly, significant exposure to family members can also create risk for the children. It is well known that in many cases of child sexual abuse, the abuser is often a close family friend or a family member. With several family members stuck in the house for many days, there can be increased risks for the children.

The main point is that just because the children are not going outdoors a lot these days, does not mean the risks have gone away. Therefore, in spite of having to deal with the added stress of being stuck at home, we need to continue to remain vigilant about children’s safety.

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