May 28, 2015

I am excited about another opportunity to speak to a group of school social workers. This time it will be at the Michigan Association of School Social Workers annual conference in Lansing, MI, on Oct 29. I am looking forward to this presentation since school social workers have a key role in maintaining a safe environment in schools and to assist in emotional development of students.

I always have a very rewarding experience whenever I speak at a conference of school social workers. The school social workers I have met at these conferences came across as highly dedicated professionals focused on helping students develop to their fullest potential. They clearly understand how things like bullying can impact the students’ development significantly. They not only understand, but also agree with the points I try to make in my presentations. Bullying has a long-term impact on the victims – it doesn’t just go away once the student graduates from high school. They must receive assistance and guidance while they are still in school. And in many cases bullies too need help for their own development, as I discuss in my presentations through the description of my most interesting encounter with one of the worst bullies from the past. School social workers play a key role in this and I admire what they do on a daily basis.


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