Nov 05, 2015

I feel honored to have the opportunity to present at the Virginia Counselors Association conference in Hot Springs, VA. Today I presented on long term psychological impact of bullying, and tomorrow I will be presenting on prevention of child sexual abuse. Today’s presentation went very well – I am looking forward to another interesting session tomorrow with lots of interactions and discussions.

It’s good to see that a counseling conference has taken the interest in both my books. From my presentation on long term psychological impact of bullying, they can learn the following:

  • Be able to recognize severe anxiety disorders triggered by PTSD from bullying
  • Be able to develop a thorough understanding of the way PTSD from bullying can dictate the development and progression of a mental disorder
  • Be able to apply the knowledge gained from this workshop to assist individuals who might need help in overcoming mental health disorders of this nature

From my presentation on prevention of child sexual abuse they can learn the following:

  • How to be effective in intervening and preventing situations that could lead to child sexual abuse
  • Be able to develop strategies to work effectively with our systems in order to prevent child sexual abuse before it actually happens, through multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Be able to assess therapeutic needs of children who are being sexually abused or are concerned about being sexually abused
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