Nov 06, 2020

A multidisciplinary approach is often essential in preventing child sexual abuse even though it may sometimes be difficult to work effectively with the various systems.

When it comes to prevention of child sexual abuse, it is often critical that an intervention through multidisciplinary teams is implemented to provide the best results. A timely intervention can dismantle a possibly abusive setup and thereby prevent possible child sexual abuse. However, in the process, there can be many existing systemic and procedural inefficiencies that must be improved in order for us to become truly effective in prevention of child sexual abuse.

There can be numerous challenges involved in dealing with several inconsistencies while trying to work effectively with the various “systems”. The fact is that prevention means doing something “before it actually happens”, but our systems such as child protective services and law enforcement services aren’t always as effective in a preventive situation.

It is important to focus on the responsibilities of the various organizations and individuals in order to try to intervene and prevent a possibly abusive scenario. Multidisciplinary team efforts are critical to prevent a likely abusive scenario, but in the process it is also important to look at the existing challenges inherent in many of our systems such as law enforcement, legal and court systems, correction system, child protection system, etc, while working in a preventive mode. This is an area that requires immediate attention if we are truly focused on intervention and prevention of child sexual abuse.

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