Nov 09, 2018

On Tuesday November 13, 2018, I will have an opportunity to speak about prevention of child sexual abuse at the Kentucky Counselors Association conference in Louisville, KY. The topic will be “Prevention of child sexual abuse – the ethical challenges”. This presentation will be based on my second book. I am excited to have another opportunity to share my observations and thoughts.

If we really want to become more effective at prevention of child sexual abuse, it is important for all of us to be aware of the issues and the challenges involved. That is the main point I have tried to make in my book “Father Figure – My Mission to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse” and that is also the same message I try to deliver through my presentations. If we are well aware of the challenges, then we are better prepared to take actions when an opportunity arises.

The story I describe in my presentations does an excellent job of illustrating the issues and the challenges. I talk about the existing issues with systems such as the child protective services as well as with law enforcement. These are organizations that generally do good work, but they don’t seem to have the flexibility to focus on preventive situations. I also talk about family involvement. It is critical that family members get involved in working with systems and services to keep the children protected.

The bottom line is that everyone, including even ordinary citizens, should try to get involved if there is an opportunity to keep a child safe from a possibly risky situation.


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