Nov 29, 2019

Any amount of effort spent in prevention of child sexual abuse is absolutely worth it. In my presentations I always try to deliver the message that all children deserve this protection against risks of sexual abuse.

In the story I have written about in my book “Father figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse”, I had to put in a lot of time and energy to protect two young children from possible risks of sexual abuse. I had to spend even more time because I was an ordinary citizen – a family friend rather than a member of the family. I found it difficult to get systems (such as Law Enforcement and Child protective services) to act in a preventive mode. It took a lot of effort on my part to get some of the extended family members to act so the children could be protected.

As I was going through this process I found it to be frustrating and discouraging at times and it would have been fairly easy for me to give up and not worry about it anymore. But I did not give up until some protection was in place for the children. Many people who have read my book have commented to me that most ordinary citizens would have given up much sooner if they were in my place. However, survivors of child sexual abuse, who have read my book, have told me that they wish there was someone like me in their lives to protect them from what they had to experience in their childhood. This told me that all my effort was worth it and that is why I continue to promote that any amount of effort in this regard is absolutely worth it.


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