Oct 01, 2015

Just received confirmation that I will be speaking again at the Iowa School Counselors Association conference in Altoona, IA on Nov 2. This time I will be presenting on the topic of prevention of child sexual abuse, based on my second book. It’s good to see that the school counselors are willing to listen to what I have to say about this topic. Last year I had spoken at this same conference on the topic of long term impact of bullying.

Last week I had two great presentations at the 29th CNC (Children’s Network Conference) in Ontario, California. It’s always interesting to speak to a group of professionals representing organizations providing services to children and their families. I was encouraged to see that what I had to say about long term impact of bullying and about prevention of child sexual abuse created a lot of discussions and interactions among the attendees. It was clear that I was not alone in bringing up and discussing these issues and concerns.

When I attend these conferences I get highly encouraged and energized to find that there are a large number of trained professionals working for equally large number of care and service providers. Yet when I speak at schools I find that there are many young children around the country who clearly could use some of these services but are not receiving them. The good thing about these conferences is that there is an attempt to bring these provider organizations together so services can be better coordinated for the benefit of more children and their families.



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