Oct 12, 2017

I am looking forward to my presentation today at the 50th Midwest School Social Work conference in Cleveland, Ohio. I will be speaking on the following topic “A Life Interrupted – Bullying and OCD”.

Here is the announcement from their website:

“The Ohio School Social Work Association (OSSWA) and the Midwest School Social Work Council are excited to bring the 50th Annual Midwest School Social Work Conference: “From Punishment to Progress: Breaking barriers to academic and behavioral success” to Cleveland, Ohio!”

I am excited to have another opportunity to speak to school social workers on this topic. Bullying continues to be a key issue for many schools across the country. And I have learnt through my presentations around the country that mental health issues are also quite prevalent among school children. School social workers have a key role in working with parents to help many children receive appropriate treatment at an early age so they are able to tackle their difficult issues. I am therefore looking forward to another interesting presentation and discussions.

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