Oct 22, 2014

My trip to Winfield, Kansas was extremely rewarding. It was amazing to observe the reaction and response from third-fourth grade students to my story of confronting my worst childhood bully, many years later as an adult. The kids at three elementary schools were captivated and shared a painful but deep understanding of bullying. They also expressed a burning desire to do a better job at battling this issue than my generation has done to date. Many of these students were very eager to share their own stories of bullying they had experienced or watched. Many of the teachers and staff members attending the presentations were surprised to see the third-fourth graders getting so actively engaged in the discussions.

Here is an article that was published in the local newspaper regarding my visit to Winfield, KS:


On one of the evenings I had the opportunity to make a presentation to a group of community members who were excited to participate in this discussion on long-term impact of bullying.

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