Oct 29, 2015

I had recently spoken at the New Jersey School Counselors Association conference in Long Branch, NJ, on October 11, 2015. The topic of the presentation was “Prevention of child sexual abuse – the role of a school counselor”. The presentation was based on my second book titled “Father Figure – My Mission to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse”. The main focus of the presentation was the fact that every one of us has a role in doing everything we can to protect our children from possible sexual abuse. In this specific presentation I discussed the summary of the story from my book and presented some thoughts about how school counselors can have a role in prevention of child sexual abuse.

I was very pleased to have received some comments from the attendees of that conference. The following are some of their comments:

Very harrowing tale that needed to be told- practical and necessary to listen to. Very affecting!!”

“Very insightful, helpful in educating on subject”

“Great session”

“Please remember how important this topic is to all.”

It was good to see that the attending school counselors were appreciative of the presentation and felt that it was a necessary and important topic for their conference. It was also good to see that they found it to be insightful and educational.

This has certainly motivated me further as I move on to my next presentation on this subject. I will be presenting on this same topic at the Iowa School Counselors Association Conference in Altoona, IA, on Nov 2. The NJ conference has confirmed for me that this is a very suitable topic for school counselors.

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