Oct 31, 2014

The next week (Nov 3 through Nov 7) will be extremely busy as I get ready for five presentations in 4 states. I have 2 presentations on Monday Nov 3 at a school in Minnesota, followed by a presentation at the Annual Conference of the Iowa School Counselors Association in Altoona, IA. Later in the week I will be speaking at the Kentucky Counseling Association Conference in Louisville, KY, followed by a presentation at the Annual Conference of the National Association of Social Workers (Pennsylvania region) in Monroeville, PA. All the presentations next week will be on the topic of “Impact of bullying on mental health” – however, at the conferences I will have exhibit booths where I can display both of my books for the attendees to see. I have noticed that at these conferences many people are starting to take a keen interest also in my second book (Father Figure – My Mission to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse). It is very encouraging to see that counselors and social workers are taking a lot of interest in this topic of prevention of child sexual abuse. One social worker recently commented to me that it’s critical for all teachers to learn more about this issue so they can be more proactive in prevention of child sexual abuse.


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