Sept 17, 2015

I am looking forward to my two presentations next week at the 29th Children’s Network Conference at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California. I will be presenting on the topic of “Long lasting psychological impact of bullying” on Sept 23 and on the topic of “Prevention of child sexual abuse – whose responsibility is it?” on Sept 24.

The following is an excerpt from the Children’s Network website:

Children’s Network of San Bernardino County concerns itself with at-risk children who are defined as minors who, because of behavior, abuse, neglect, medical needs, educational assessment, and/or detrimental daily living situations, are eligible for services from one or more of the member agencies of the Children’s Network Policy Council. The overall goal of Children’s Network is to help at-risk children by improving communication, planning, coordination, and cooperation among youth-serving agencies. Children’s Network was created to identify gaps and overlaps in services, provide a forum for clarifying perceptions and expectations among and between agencies and the community. Children’s network also sets priorities for interagency projects and implements collaborative programs, public and private, to ensure better, more comprehensive services to children and youth.

The conference attendees will include:

  • Social Workers/Child Welfare Professionals
  • Parents/Foster Parents
  • Kinship Care/Guardianship
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Medical & Mental Health Professionals
  • Law Enforcement/Safety Personnel
  • Teachers/School Administrators
  • Counselors/Child Advocates
  • Child Abuse Prevention Councils
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Public Officials
  • Case Managers/Child Care Workers


Looking at the above list I am expecting that there will be interesting discussions following both of my presentations. I am excited because these are topics where we need to continue our conversations so we can do better to protect our children.

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