Minority Viewpoint

My experience, as a person of color, with the American Justice System

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Through this remarkable true account story I have tried to bring up and discuss a number of issues focusing on “Justice in America – is it truly for everyone?”

  • Why would a hotel worker include fabricated and unsubstantiated statements in a report to the police about a guest of color? Is this racially motivated?
  • Why would a hotel owner laugh about a sincere complaint made by a guest of color after promising that he would follow up on the complaint? Could this be racially motivated?
  • Is it okay for a hotel worker to add unproven and untrue, defamatory statements about a guest of color to the police so they would investigate the guest for a possible serious crime?
  • Why would a renowned hotel support such egregious behavior by one of its employees against a guest of color?
  • What does a client do when he detects several errors and omissions on the part of his lawyer?
  • Why is an honest evaluation of a lawyer’s performance not welcomed by the legal community?
  • Why would a law firm not expect the utmost professionalism and competence from their highly paid lawyers?
  • Does the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board truly care about the impact of a lawyer’s actions or inactions on the clients?
  • Why is it okay for a police officer to allegedly associate a specific named person of color with a horrible crime (with no truth to it whatsoever) and use it as a so called “scare tactic”?
  • Is it okay for a police officer to allegedly use a name simply because it is not a common name? Is that not racially motivated?


Here is a recent review of this book:

“Minority Viewpoint” was the most compelling readings I have ever read.  I was instantly captivated and could not put this book down.   As I read, I was able to feel every emotion, every defeat every heart ache, every court hearing, every trial.  This book speaks to advocates, telling us NOT to give up being a voice for the voiceless.  This book sheds light on judicial system, and how it is designed to perpetuate systemic racism particularly against people of color.  It spoke to me personally, because of my own encounter with the unfair judicial system.  I will definitely recommend “Minority Viewpoint”. 

Bevelyn W. Mitchell, MSHS

Outreach & Awareness Coordinator

Rape Crisis Center

Myrtle Beach SC

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