Workplace Bullying

Here are more details on this book:


This book will be helpful to millions of people in United States who are facing one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Facing day-to-day oppressive atmosphere in the workplace and do not feel empowered to do anything about it
  • Personal life is being affected significantly because of a very negative work situation, causing depression and other associated effects
  • Facing one or more different forms of discrimination, but do not feel comfortable in standing up against it
  • Wanting to take action, but do not know where to begin
  • Facing undeserved consequences for doing the right things at work, but feeling helpless in fighting back
  • Not willing to report unjust activities at work (whistle blowing) because of fear of negative consequences
  • Are not aware of their rights in situations of this nature
  • Facing an unemployment hearing, but do not know how to prepare adequately to defend their positions


This book will also be helpful for numerous organizations around the nation who truly want to maintain a positive and rewarding workplace atmosphere for their employees:

In addition, this book points out that even in an advanced country like ours there are systems in place that are certainly not adequate for average people:

  • Seeking and receiving appropriate legal help to respond to workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination
  • Government organizations that have been established to help us in these situations aren’t always effective. These organizations seem to try their best but are not able to adequately address many unjust workplace situations
  • Many well-meaning organizations do want to do their best in performing the functions they have committed to, but for various reasons, they are not able to hire appropriate qualified personnel to perform the necessary duties


Finally, this book describes the sad issue of many of us watching and acknowledging oppressive and unjust behavior at workplace but not willing to do anything about it!!

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