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Sumi photo Nov 2020-1Sumi Mukherjee is a professional public speaker, currently focusing on prevention of bullying and child sexual abuse. The theme of his bullying prevention speeches is centered around long term psychological impact of prolonged childhood bullying, which has generally been a neglected topic until now. He also speaks to employees as well as to employers about various issues associated with bullying and harassment in the workplace. The theme of his speeches on prevention of child sexual abuse is focused truly on “prevention” before something happens. His speeches also address issues such as lost years impact, cultural diversity, effectiveness of our systems, and other related matters.


He speaks at schools, colleges, universities, religious organizations, professional association meetings, bullying prevention conferences, mental health conferences, fundraising and awareness conferences, conferences/meetings focused on prevention of child abuse, and other related venues.


He has spoken to students, teachers, school administrators, counselors, social workers, school psychologists, other mental health professionals, parents, caregivers, child care service providers, family members, law enforcement professionals, legal professionals, child protective service professionals, victims/sufferers/survivors groups and the general public.


Sumi has spoken all around the state of Minnesota as well as in several other states within the USA such as AL, AR. CA, CT, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, MI, MO, MT, NC, ND, NJ, NY, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI, and WV. He also speaks in Canada.



The following are some of the topics for Sumi’s presentations:

  • Impact of bullying on mental health
  • Long lasting psychological impact of bullying
  • PTSD from bullying triggers obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Improving our effectiveness in prevention of child sexual abuse
  • Role of a counselor in prevention of child sexual abuse
  • Responsibilities in prevention of child sexual abuse
  • Devastating psychological impact of bullying
  • Responding to children at risk of possible sexual abuse
  • Cultural diversity – a strength that must be cultivated further
  • Prevention of child sexual abuse – role of family members and service providers
  • Devastating mental health impact of bullying
  • Impact of bias-based bullying on mental health
  • Acceptance of cultural diversity
  • Understanding the bully – the key to prevention
  • Impact of bullying in the workplace
  • Bullying in the workplace must be prevented
  • Employees’ guide to responding to workplace bullying
  • Employers’ guide to maintaining a bullying-free environment


The following are some of the comments on presentations made by Sumi Mukherjee:


We had the great honor and privilege of having Sumi Mukherjee present at our annual 2013 FASD matters conference.  In 2013, our theme was exploring the spectrum and over 400 individuals (families and professionals) from across the United States and some international attendees convened to learn more about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and to better understand some of the challenges facing families impacted by the disorder.  Sumi delivered an excellent breakout session on “Bullying and the Impact on Mental Health.”  The presentation was excellent.  Here are some comments received from Sumi’s presentation:

“Sumi eloquently presented! I enjoyed the honest and forthright approach in addressing bullying and its impact on people.”

“Excellent! Very Powerful!”

“Thank you for being so brave in sharing your journey.”

“Empowering, encouraging, and eye opening!  Best presentation thus far! Thank you for speaking!

Our experience with Sumi was excellent.  He is a wonderful presenter and a joy to work with.  We give Sumi our highest recommendation!

By Ruth A. Richardson, Director of Programs, Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


Phenomenal is the only way to describe your presentation, your story and manner in presentation held everyone’s attention and conveyed the message that I was hoping for. If you need any references for future engagements please don’t hesitate to use our name, or have them contact me, and if I see opportunities for you I will certainly pass on the information.

By Mark Hailer, Executive Director, DeMolay Minnesota


Sumi Mukherjee spoke at HOPE Community Academy. His personal accounts were very eye opening and compelling for the entire audience of staff and students. Overall, the middle school students and teachers walked away with a deeper understanding of the toll bullying can have on a person’s life.

By Jade Soik, MSW, LICSW, School Social Worker, HOPE Community Academy



The guest speaker was Sumi Mukherjee.  The speaker’s message was very powerful and the students were attentive and inspired by it. Sumi will be returning to work with our high school students on an activism project around the theme of bullying, social cruelty, or injustice. During a post-presentation reflection, many students indicated a greater understanding of bullying as well as empathy for what it might be like to have OCD.  I would highly recommend Sumi present to any group of young people.  His message is important and powerful.

By Peggy Palumbo Health Education Teacher, Crosswinds Arts and Science School, Woodbury, MN


Sumi Mukherjee

Sumi is a very relaxed and comfortable speaker.  His story resonates with many of the students. The students were engaged and raised their hands when asked in acknowledgement of shared experiences. Many students eagerly huddled around Sumi after the presentation to take his card and to continue a conversation with him.  This shows evidence that his story connects with the students.  Several students commented on how good it was to hear his personal experience and how they could hear that, learn and remember his experience.

By Sara Nelson, LSW, New Century Academy, Hutchinson, MN


Sumi Mukherjee speaks from his heart and is very reliable and committed to young people. We had the opportunity to have him speak to several student groups as well as professional educators within our eight member district and I found him to be not only caring and empathetic but also a good listener and communicator.

By Candace Whittaker, Family Integration Specialist, NW Suburban Integration School District


We would like to thank you from everyone at Renville County West School. It was very beneficial to have you come and tell your story and bring awareness to how Bullying is so crucial in children’s lives. I have gotten many wonderful comments from both staff and students. We would definitely recommend you to speak to other schools. We appreciate you taking the time to speak to us. It takes a lot of courage to tell such a personal story to others and your story makes such a big difference to others.

By Sarah Reznechek, School Social Worker, Renville County West Schools, Renville, MN


Sumi did a fantastic job addressing questions asked of him by the youth.  The students were engaged and appreciative of his story and detail of his accounts of being bullied.  They were also appreciative of his openness and dialogue regarding talking about his mental health and OCD.  We are in process of ordering his book for the school library based on the students’ response to his presentation and interest of this speaker. Thanks Sumi for your presentation with our diverse student population.

By Dan Porter M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W., 916 District School Social Work Lead, Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District


Thanks Sumi. The students really enjoyed your message and story. They have a note they would like to send to you. I can send it if you give me your address. I have a daughter in an elementary school in town and hope she can hear your message sometime in the future.

By Todd Manninen, Buffalo High School


 Sumi Mukherjee      Sumi Mukherjee


On April 20 and 21 of 2015, Sumi Mukherjee spoke to all of the high school, middle school and intermediate school students in Winfield, Kansas on the topic of bullying and how it can affect one’s life. We already knew how effective he was as we had asked him to our city in the fall of the previous year to talk to all our third and fourth grade students. We have been so very pleased with the way Sumi relates to all ages of students. He is a genius at changing his presentation for each different age level in order to reach them with his message. The response from the students and the adults involved was very positive and we feel certain that he made a difference in the lives of many of our students.

By Janice Rhodes, Member of Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coalition, Winfield, Kansas 


Sumi has now spoken twice at our HOSA conference for future health professionals. If you are looking for someone to tell his story with the passion and sincerity that hits home to students Sumi Mukherjee will do just that. He has returned to our student conference over the last three years and students are always ready to listen. They can relate to him in many ways and has helped them understand themselves. Sumi is dedicated to all that he speaks to and does it with conviction and truth making his audience sit up and listen, maybe seeing an answer to their story.

By Candy Leopold, MN HOSA State Advisor


I had Sumi speak to a group of School Psychologists and Social Workers. The format of Sumi’s presentation was informal and made the audience very engaged in his presentation. Many times in the schools if we don’t see a negative impact in a student’s grades or behaviors, we aren’t investigating further to find a reason for lack of engagement, difficulties with social situations, absences, etc. Sumi’s story made us realize that there are students silently crying for help. There are also parents who don’t know who to go to or that the school could help them. The true impact of bullying was shared by Sumi. The individuals in the audience left feeling a greater responsibility to help our students and families so that others didn’t experience the pain that Sumi endured emotionally and mentally. We hear too many stories that don’t end well, Sumi shared his experiences, obstacles, and recovery, and was bold and brave enough to face his fears. Because of his bravery, any group of individuals who hear him speak, will be moved to do more for our children and make a difference.

By Allison Pierson, Director of Student Services, Winnebago School District


Thank you for coming to our school last Friday at C-I (Crosby-Ironton). I believe most of us did learn a valuable lesson. I have been bullied by a group of girls at my school because I decided not to do basketball this year but do dance. Every time I would go into the locker rooms they would yell at me and call me a traitor. They stopped bullying me, and they stopped ignoring me. Now they even let me be a starter in volleyball. People have talked to them about bullying before, your story stopped everything, maybe we are not as best of friends as we used to, but now I am not being bullied. Thank you so much, now I can actually have fun without them following me and taunting me. Also other people in my grade have injured themselves because someone was bullying them, now those people who were bullied are actually happy for once. Now they don’t treat each other differently because they are different. You also influenced how people talk. Now at practice we banned the can’t word, ugly word, and any other word that would hurt someone’s feelings. I don’t know how many times I can thank you. I hope you keep influencing peoples lives.

By Gwen, a Middle School student, Crosby-Ironton Schools, MN


I have had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Mukherjee in detail about his experiences with confronting bullying and learning to deal with a significant mental health concern as a child and young man. Based on these conversations, our Minneapolis Public Schools Bullying Prevention Workgroup invited Mr. Mukherjee to present to interested educators. He shared his story and spoke powerfully about how the efforts of trusted adults in his life has contributed to the success and well-being he is experiencing now. We found Mr. Mukherjee to be a passionate advocate for insuring schools be a safe place for all students. He was also extremely flexible in scheduling and follow up with our team in spite of a significant ice storm that forced us to reschedule his presentation on short notice!

By Julie Young-Burns, Minneapolis Public Schools: Educational & Cultural Services and Indian Education


Sumi MukherjeeIf you would like to contact Sumi Mukherjee for a speaking engagement, please feel free to send him an email at sumis@earthlink.net   or call 763-273-3689

If you would like to view video clips of Sumi’s speeches or interviews with Sumi Mukherjee, please click this YouTube link


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