Minority Viewpoint

My experience, as a person of color, with the American Justice System


I have written this book because I truly believe that there are many things that we need to address if we are going to have a judiciary system that works for everyone, not just for the few. I am certain that many readers will be able to recognize some of the issues I have discussed in this book. If we don’t do more to address these issues, then I don’t believe we can truly claim that we have one of the best judiciary systems in the world.

Through a true account story, I have tried to bring up a number of questions such as:

  • What options do we have in front of us if we experience rude or unprofessional conduct from a worker in the hospitality business?
  • Do we just accept such negative behavior and simply walk away?
  • What if there is the possibility that such actions might be racially motivated?
  • Is it okay for a hotel owner to provide positive courteous response to a complaint brought in by a sincere guest and promise to take action, but apparently laughing at him (behind his back) with hotel employees? Is it because the guest was a person of color?
  • It is always okay for anyone to report a concern immediately to the police, but is it also okay to report a several months old situation as a new concern with some added untrue statements?
  • Is it okay to add unproven and untrue, possibly defamatory concerns to the police so they would do an investigation of a possible serious crime?
  • Is it okay for a citizen to go around a community spreading defamatory comments about an unsuspecting person?
  • Should a person just accept all of this or try to do something to make sure such things don’t happen?
  • Should these things be allowed in a well-developed civilized country like ours without any consequences?
  • Is legal action the only course of action for this? Can you truly trust a lawyer?
  • Why is it that lawyers do not seem to want to take any responsibility at all?
  • Why is it okay for lawyers to say something to a client and then not care at all about whether or not they lived up to their statements?
  • Why would a lawyer not take at least some responsibility for the outcome of a lawsuit?
  • Why would a law firm not expect the utmost professionalism and competence from their highly paid lawyers?
  • Why is there never a survey sent out by a law firm about how a lawyer performed for his/her client?
  • Most clinics send out surveys to find out how their doctors do on a regular basis – why don’t the law firms do that?
  • What are the law firms afraid of?
  • Why is it that a lawyer can take whatever steps he/she feels appropriate and then seemingly not willing to take any responsibility at all?
  • It is true that one cannot always predict the outcome of a case, but why is it difficult for a lawyer to accept the facts that the outcome might have been different if some things were done differently?
  • Why can’t a client get honest answers to his questions about various things associated with how the case was handled?
  • All service providers (receiving fees for their services) have to take responsibility for their performances. But why not lawyers?
  • Who is responsible for holding their feet to the fire or are they just supposed to get a free ride?
  • Why is the legal malpractice bar set so high? What other options does a client have to get some honest answers?
  • Why does the Lawyers’ Professional Board seem to set their bar so high that reasonably legitimate complaints are not investigated?
  • If some investigation is not dome, then how does a client know if lawyers’ actions or inactions were appropriate?
  • Why is it that the Lawyers’ Professional Board is not willing to take a bit of time to provide an adequate explanation to the client explaining in detail why the complaint was not investigated?
  • Why is it that the lawyers always get a jail-free pass unless they commit the most serious offenses?
  • Why is it okay for a police officer to allegedly associate a specific person with a horrible crime (with no truth to it whatsoever) and use it as a so called “scare tactic”?
  • Why can’t the police officer use an arbitrary name to make his/her point instead of using the name of a specific person?
  • Is it okay for a police officer to allegedly call a citizen a criminal for his “scare tactic”?
  • Is it okay for a police officer to allegedly use a name simply because it is not a common name? Is that not racially motivated?
  • One is stuck in the middle when the lawyer and the law firm blame the judges for the negative outcome and the judges point to the lawyers because they claim that appropriate evidence was not put forward? Where do you go?
  • You are defamed and you try to fight it, but everyone but you wins – lawyers, judges, your defamer all come out on the top. You are left with a huge financial loss!!!
  • Is it all racially motivated or do we have a terrible justice system or is it both?

In this book I have given details on what actually happened, along with my thoughts and opinions (based on this specific story) about individuals, systems, and organizations involved. Readers are encouraged to form their own opinions.

© 2017 - Sumi Mukherjee
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