Workplace Bullying

How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer

Workplace Bullying


This book is for anyone who has been, or is currently being treated unjustly at their place of employment and simply doesnot know how to obtain relief. Your situation may have you convinced there’s nothing you can do to change it; at least that’s what your arrogant bully employer would love for you to believe. In this revealing book, I will share my most unique employment experiences, challenging an employer’s vain perspective and show you how an ordinary person CAN and SHOULD stand up for their rights at the workplace!

This book was written for every legally mandated reporter employed in the United States. Although I’m not a lawyer or giving legal advice, I have written this book to give additional perspective and to support you in your performance of your job duties as you look out for the well-being of children you oversee. I hope that my story will give you courage to meet your responsibilities, without fear of retaliation from your employers.

Finally, this book was written for the vulnerable children whom I had the pleasure of working with over the years. It was written for their parents as well, who made the courageous decision to reach out and ask the system for help in preventing child abuse and neglect.

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