Feb 10, 2022

I am excited about appearing for an interview on a podcast this evening to have a conversation about “impact of racism”. The podcast is “Humanity Chats with Marjy Marj”.

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to appear on several podcasts but majority of them dealt with bullying and mental health. The topic of my first book titled “A Life Interrupted – the story of my battle with bullying and obsessive compulsive disorder” appears to be a very popular topic for many podcasts. That is understandable since bullying is still a problem in many parts of the country, and there is still a stigma about discussing mental health issues openly. I was happy to be a part of those podcast interviews since I strongly believe that we need to continue to discuss mental health issues openly so people will feel more comfortable in seeking help when needed.

There also appears to be a stigma about discussing racial issues. I strongly believe that we should also discuss these things openly so we can get to a better place as a society. In one of the podcasts I was asked to talk about impact of bias in childhood bullying. In my own situation, bias-based bullying was a key factor, and talking about it should open the door for further discussions and acceptance of diversity.

In today’s podcast with Marjy Marj we would be discussing that same issue about bias-based bullying as well as possible impacts of racism in other walks of life. I will be interested in bringing up and discussing the true story I described in my latest book titled “Minority Viewpoint – my experience, as a person of color, with the American Justice System”. The main goal will be to discuss things that can get us all to a better place as a society.

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